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  • £250,000 for a decorator diagnosed with Mesothelioma Read More
  • £32,000 for a factory worker following exposure to noise Read More
  • £150,000 for the family of a loved one who sadly died following carbon monoxide poisoning Read More
  • In excess of £1million for an amputee army veteran injured in a training exercise Read More
  • £1.4 million for a passenger of a vehicle which collided with a tree Read More

Not the average testimonial page! At Aston Knight Solicitors, we always encourage feedback and suggestions that can improve our service even further. Our staff are also always pleased to receive an appreciation and recognition of their efforts and service whether that’s with injury at work claims, road traffic accident claims or serious injury matters. Every testimonial has been verified as true and accurate by Ayoub Khan, the Managing Director/Solicitor. A copy of the original testimonial or questionnaire, be it in the client’s own handwriting or typed email, is scanned and available for inspection below; the original! Each testimonial is available for inspection at our offices (subject to the names of our clients being redacted to preserve confidentiality).

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