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As one of the leading firms of solicitors in the North West for accidents at work, construction site accidents are an area of particular speciality for Aston Knight Solicitors.

Typically many companies work alongside each other on construction sites – the site owners; the principal contractors; and various subcontractor companies. A key issue can be deciding who should be held responsible for health and safety on site.

Generally the law states it is the company in overall control of the site, or health and safety on site, who are responsible but sometimes a number of companies share responsibility.

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 set out the various health and safety laws for construction sites.

Site operators must ensure:

  • The site is kept in good order e.g. to make sure tripping hazards or other obstructions aren’t left on site;
  • There is safe access to and from the site;
  • Structures on site are stable and won’t collapse;
  • Demolition works are carried out safely;
  • Workers are not at risk of injury;
  • Workers are not at risk of coming into contact with vehicles such as JCBs, forklift trucks and so forth; and more.

Importantly, the laws now apply to domestic home or premises owners who exercise control over how the work is done, so if you have been injured whilst working at a residential property, and the owner controlled how the work was done, then you could still be entitled to compensation for any injuries suffered.

There are other laws that may apply to building sites, depending upon how you were injured, such as laws that protect people working at height, or laws that protect workers operating lifting equipment such as cranes or forklift trucks.

If you have been injured on a construction site it is crucial you choose a solicitor with a proven track record of succeeding in building site accidents, especially as accidents on construction sites can often have devastating consequences. Aston Knight Solicitors have an excellent track record in construction site accident cases and our expert construction site accident lawyers will ensure you have the best chances of success in your personal injury claim.

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The Aston Knight Solicitors No Win No Fee Promise.

Aston Knight Solicitors deal with all constructions site accident claims on a No Win No Fee basis so there is no financial risk to you in making a claim*. This gives you the peace of mind and security to claim compensation without the financial worry.

Our experienced solicitors offer a free confidential initial consultation. All our cases are dealt with by an experienced solicitor – never a junior employee – why settle for less?

Aston Knight Solicitors have an excellent reputation as one of the leading specialist legal firms in the North West – why not take a look through our successes and testimonials to see for yourself.

(*there is no financial risk to you if you meet your responsibilities which include: give instructions that allow us to do our work properly; not ask us to work in an improper or unreasonable way; not deliberately mislead us; not withhold information; co-operate with us; return to us promptly with instructions when requested; go to any medical or expert examination or court hearing)

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