Defective Products

Sometimes something goes wrong when products are being made, or perhaps there is a mistake in the design process, and a customer ends up being injured as a result.

Strict laws are in place to protect people who are injured by a faulty product. The main law in place is the Consumer Protection Act 1987. These are strict laws – they state that if someone is injured by a product then the company that made the product, or even the company that imported the product, will have to pay compensation to the injured person – even if they did not do anything wrong. Manufacturers cannot exclude liability for injury in the terms and conditions – something they often try to do.

It is not just shoppers who are protected by these laws – even an employee injured at work could make a claim for compensation – they protect lots of people.


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People can use these laws to claim for personal injury compensation, damage to private property and even in some cases, death. You do not need to be the person who bought the unsafe product – you just need to prove you were injured by it.

How much time do you have to make a claim? The standard time limit is 3 years from when the injury or damage was suffered but please note a claim cannot be made more than 10 years after the item went into circulation. Legal time limits can be very strict so if you have been injured by a faulty or unsafe product then you should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

There are other laws in place such as the Sale of Goods Act which allow you to get your money back for faulty products.

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