Other Accidents

Accidents in the Gym

An increasingly common form of accident is injuries suffered in the gym. Gym equipment by its nature can be heavy, often with moving parts. Further, gym equipment can wear out over time and needs to be regularly maintained or replaced if necessary. Aston Knight Solicitors have dealt with a number of gym accidents and will be pleased to assist.

Sports Accidents

Many sports carry a risk of injury but the organiser of sporting activities has a legal duty to ensure those participating in the sport are reasonably safe.

Much can depend upon the particular sport involved and sometimes expert evidence is required. The defendant may argue that the injured person consented to the risk of injury but that consent can only extend so far, to injuries associated with the normal, ordinary course of the sport. These claims can be complex and so you must ensure you have a qualified solicitor acting for you.

Catastrophic Accidents

Sometimes accidents can result in severe injury including loss of limbs and permanent disablement. At Aston Knight Solicitors your case will be dealt with only by a solicitor with experience of catastrophic injuries and never junior or unqualified staff which is, unfortunately, becoming common in the industry following changes to the law regarding solicitors’ costs.

The solicitors at Aston Knight have experience in dealing with injuries of the utmost severity and will ensure all elements of your compensation are recovered.

Accidents Involving Animals

Animal attacks, most commonly dog bites, are increasing. The law requires that owners take responsibility for their dogs and pets. Such attacks can be devastating both physically and psychologically, particularly when children are involved. We will need to consider the facts of the accident in detail, including whether the animal had a history of violent behaviour.

No Wet Floor Sign

Owners of buildings, supermarkets etc have a duty to ensure visitors to the premises are reasonably safe in doing so. If either they or their employees know that the floor is wet or slippery they should display a wet floor sign to ensure people are aware of the hazard. Aston Knight Solicitors have succeeded in many cases in which wet floor signs were not used.

Hairdressing & Cosmetic Claims

These can include hair bleaching mishaps, scalp burns, allergic reactions, failure to patch test and many more. Chemicals used in the hairdressing and beauty industry can often be very powerful and sometimes toxic.

Great care needs to be taken to ensure these chemicals are applied safely and the right advice provided. Allergic reactions can occur and sometimes leave a person permanently allergic to a particular chemical, for the rest of their life. Sometimes junior employees or apprentices can be involved and it is crucial they are properly trained and adequately supervised at all times.


£4,700 for Hair Bleach Burns

Ms B attended a hairdressing salon for a bleaching procedure. A young apprentice worker was asked to mix the bleach. As soon as the bleach was applied Ms B experienced immense pain across her scalp, so much so her eyes began to water.

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Verified as an accurate and true testimonial by Ayoub Khan, Solicitor, Aston Knight Solicitors (client surname redacted to protect client confidentiality)

Specialist medical opinion is often required from a Trichologist (a hair expert) or a Dermatologist (a skin expert). Aston Knight Solicitors have dealt with many hairdressing and beauty claims so contact us on 0161 447 9191 for a free consultation with one of our solicitors or contact info@astonknightsolicitors.co.uk

Tanning Salon/Sun Bed Injuries

Tanning salons and sun-bed machine operators are under a duty to advise you about sun-bed use and the risks of doing so. Occasionally users are injured by faulty sun-beds, which the operators may be liable for. We may need to obtain a medical report from a dermatologist, or, if it results in scarring, from a plastic surgeon.

Loss of Future Earnings

In more serious cases injuries can affect the way a person is able to work in the future, or their earning ability. Great care must be taken when dealing with such claims as these can often be of high value and are often challenged by defendants so the evidence must be strong.

Aston Knight Solicitors ensure that every single case is dealt with by a qualified solicitor as only a qualified solicitor has the right knowledge and experience to ensure you recover all of your losses.