Serious Injuries

There are very many firms of personal injury solicitors these days, but only a small number who are able to be successful with serious injury cases.  These cases tend to be much more complex, often involving a large amount of specialist medical evidence, high value areas of dispute and are often fiercely defended by the other party.

Aston Knight Solicitors have the necessary experience and track record in dealing with serious injury cases.  All of our solicitors have years of experience in dealing with injuries of the utmost severity and working with the country’s leading barristers, doctors and other expert witnesses to ensure the best possible outcome for each case.

The serious injury matters we routinely deal with include:

This includes a spectrum of injuries from say a partial finger loss to the loss of multiple limbs.  Such injuries are nearly always life-changing for the sufferer and needless to say require specialist medical and legal input.  Click here for a detailed guide.

  • Fatal Accidents

The law regarding fatal accidents can be complex as there is both compensation for the pain, suffering and loss of the person who passed away, whether that be instantaneous or following a period of time and compensation for dependants of the deceased including aspects such as future financial dependency, care needs, statutory bereavement compensation and more.

  • Pain Disorders

Sometimes an injury such as a fracture, or even a basic “whiplash” type soft tissue injury can, instead of recovering over time, lead to ongoing pain.  When a person remains in pain beyond the period that would typically be expected their ongoing pain is seen as a “pain disorder.”  Sometimes these pain disorders can be linked to a psychological reaction to the injury and ongoing pain, known as a “somatoform disorder.”  The two most common pain disorders that can follow a personal injury are:

– Chronic pain

– Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

  • Brain Injuries

Aston Knight Solicitors have dealt with brain injury cases ranging from severe carbon monoxide poisoning to exacerbation of neuro-psychiatric conditions such as Tourette’s Syndrome to severe head trauma cases following serious road traffic accidents.  We have worked closely for many years with arguably the leading barrister in the country for brain injuries and have strong links with the leading expert witnesses.

  • Severe Fractures

Whilst simple or hairline fractures normally follow a swift recovery, injuries involving substantial and/or multiple fractures can often be life-changing.  Aston Knight have dealt with cases in which fractures have failed to unite properly and/or resulted in infection and the risk of ongoing osteoarthritis in the future.  Sometimes further surgery will be required into the future maybe involving the use of prosthetic joints, the costs and impact of which needs to be factored into the case.  Sometimes serious fracture injuries can result in pain disorders and psychological injuries such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and more.

  • Cycling Accidents

The speed at which traffic travels, together with the disparity in weight between a motor vehicle and a bicycle, unfortunately means that many cycling accidents result in significant injury to the cyclist, commonly to their wrists but also other areas of the body.  Such injuries can result in the other forms of injury detailed above including severe fractures, brain injuries, psychological injuries and pain disorders.  Aston Knight Solicitors have successfully acted for a number of cyclists.

  • Road Traffic Accidents

Unsurprisingly, whether the victim be a pedestrian or a vehicle occupant, road traffic accidents often result in substantial injury.  Aston Knight have successfully acted for many drivers, passengers and pedestrians in such circumstances, often obtaining specialist engineering evidence where there is a dispute as to the facts of the incident.