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Ayoub Khan

Managing Director and Solicitor | LLB (Hons), PGdip
Date of admission: 2006

  • Complex and High Value Litigation
  • Commercial Dispute Resolution
  • Civil Litigation


Ayoub grew up in Bury before graduating from the University of Lancaster. After then completing his Post Graduate Diploma in Law at the College of Law, Chester, he joined a prestigious London magic-circle firm where he worked on a multi-million pound product liability claim, being the highest value claim of its type in the world. He then returned to the North West where he joined a leading firm before leaving to start his own specialist practice.

Whilst Ayoub rarely conducts cases personally these days (the rigours of practice management eating up the majority of time), he continues to oversee and support solicitors, particularly in higher value and more complex cases.

In an era in which many litigation firms have been forced to close, or have succumbed to a low-quality-high-output approach, Ayoub has bucked the trend by building a thriving specialist practice, regarded as one of the strongest firms in the North West and regularly instructed in very high value matters.

Ayoub is renowned for his high (and often exacting!) standards for the quality of work produced by the Firm and his solicitors, whilst promoting a friendly and supportive work culture.

Ayoub hopes to continue to build upon the Firm’s successes and to further cement its status as a quality-focussed and respected practice in the years to come.

Recent Notable Cases

Personal Injury

A Word:

For years people told me there was no future in law, particularly in personal injury law, and if I was to open a firm I would have to “stack them high and sell them cheap” i.e. to deal with thousands of low value cases and churn them out as quickly as possible. Having worked in firms like that, where work quickly becomes depressing, I decided to take a chance on starting a firm focussed upon quality and client care, where I could attract the best solicitors to work and deal with high profile cases. I’m proud to say, so far, it’s working out as planned – those other firms that were rushing out low value cases with no client care are nearly all closed now, but my firm is growing from strength to strength; we’ve won multiple very high value cases, our client feedback is excellent and even Manchester barristers have confided in me they rank us above the other firms that instruct them. Still other practice managers tell me I should shift to a higher volume approach but, whilst it would probably be more profitable, we’d lose all that we’ve achieved from a quality perspective. The Government has made life very hard for law firms over the past few years but I believe that if we keep focussing upon quality and succeeding in our cases, we will continue to carve out our reputation as a leading specialist practice.

Client Feedback:

Whilst Ayoub no longer litigates cases personally, he certainly had excellent client feedback when he did. Take a look at our testimonial page for the full list but we’ve added some examples below, accompanied by the scanned (redacted) testimonial.

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