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This is an Independent public statutory inquiry established to examine the circumstances in which men, women and children treated by national Health Services in the United Kingdom were given infected blood and infected blood products, in particular since 1970.

During this period, an estimated 30,000 individuals were believed to have been affected by tainted blood products, making this Inquiry the largest in the UK in terms of core participants. The aim of the Inquiry is to uncover the circumstances surrounding the treatment that resulted in the infection of numerous men, women, and children with Hepatitis viruses and/or HIV.

Thankfully, he recovered, and Aston Knight Solicitors secured compensation for the NHS’s shortcomings.

The repercussions of the contaminated blood scandal have been profound for both those infected and those impacted (such as close family and partners). Many of the infected individuals have since passed away. They have not only had to endure the effects of the viruses but also the constant treatment requirements and associated side effects, along with the enduring stigma.

This stigma, severe in the past, continues to persist. As confirmed during expert testimonies in February 2020, the collective physical, psychological, and social burden on the infected and affected individuals is unparalleled.

For those impacted, the Inquiry has been long overdue. After over three decades of campaigning, the government announced the establishment of the Inquiry in 2017. This serves as a crucial opportunity to uncover the truth, provide a platform for those affected to share their stories, and make recommendations to prevent such incidents in the future while ensuring effective treatment and support for those affected.

The terms of reference for the Inquiry were released in July 2018, addressing various aspects including the causes and effects, government and medical responses, patient testing without consent, communication adequacy, treatment, concealment attempts, and responsibilities.

The Inquiry commenced with preliminary hearings in September 2018, featuring a commemoration arranged by campaigners and opening statements from the Inquiry team and core participants. Witness hearings were conducted across the UK from April to November 2019, allowing the infected and affected individuals to provide oral testimonies. In February 2020, expert groups discussed the psychological and social impacts of living with infections and the current knowledge about related health conditions. The hearings were scheduled to resume in

June 2020 to examine the policies and practices of haemophilia centres in the UK, but were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key Discoveries from the Infected Blood Inquiry

In May 2024, the Infected Blood Inquiry revealed the tragic reality of the thousands who contracted HIV and Hepatitis C due to tainted blood products in the 1970s and 1980s. While the report brings some comfort to the victims of this blood contamination crisis, it also sheds light on the significant delays experienced by the victims and their families.

The findings from the inquiry mark a crucial milestone towards achieving justice. Aston Knight Solicitors urge the authorities to swiftly act on the report’s recommendations, ensuring proper compensation and assistance for those impacted.

Comments from Medical Negligence Solicitor, Emma Pearce

Emma Pearce expresses her approval of the Infected Blood Inquiry report:

“The infected blood scandal is now recognised as the NHS’s most significant failure.”

Sir Brian Langstaff, the chair of the 5-year inquiry, revealed that doctors and civil servants had been actively concealing the truth for decades.

For those involved in clinical negligence, these revelations are not unexpected. Hopefully, the inquiry’s conclusions signal a pivotal moment for enhancing patient safety.”

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