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Trusting insurance companies

If you are injured as a result of a sudden accident, you may be tempted to put all your trust in the insurance company responsible for paying you compensation. After all, cutting out the ‘middle man’ will be cheaper, quicker, and easier, right?

Unfortunately this is rarely the case; claims are usually managed by staff with no formal training and who lack the understanding needed to successfully navigate the complexities of personal injury law.

Trusting a large international firm

Alternatively, you may think choosing a large national law firm is the best way forward, assuming bigger is definitely better. However, engaging a firm of solicitors does not always mean a solicitor will be handling your case; and it does not guarantee that your case will be given the time and attention required to make it a success.

Trusting Aston Knight Solicitors

We regularly receive calls from clients wanting to transfer their case to Aston Knight Solicitors citing a number of different reasons including:-

  • they have lost confidence in their case handler because they have not been updated regularly, if at all;
  • their case was not prioritised or worked on in a timely manner; or
  • they did not feel confident their solicitor had the relevant expertise and/or knowledge.

We have previously written in detail the reasons for, and examples of, cases where clients have instructed Aston Knight Solicitors to transfer their case from another solicitor, all resulting in huge successes, Change Solicitor – Part 1  and Change Solicitor – Part 2.

For more reasons on why to choose Aston Knight Solicitors, click here.

In many national firms, compensation claims are habitually run on a large scale, by inexperienced staff to maximise profit, meaning your case just may be ‘another drop in the ocean’.

This is all too often reflected in the amount of compensation achieved.

At Aston Knight Solicitors we guarantee all our case handlers are qualified and experienced solicitors, specialising in all areas of personal injury law. Moreover, we do all we can to see that your case is handled by one solicitor, from start to finish.

Our personal injury solicitors will carefully assess your case, ensuring it is handled with care. Our focus is on maximising your compensation.

one-to-one meeting with Aston Knight Solicitors

For this reason, Aston Knight solicitors have built a reputation for excellence locally in Bury, where our head office is situated. Since joining the ranks of solicitors in Bury in 2011, we have worked hard to excel in what we do; establishing strong links with the very best in both the legal and medical professions in the North West of England, to assist our clients, many of whom are local.

If you are local, choosing a solicitor in Bury is not essential but can be very advantageous. For example, if you are seriously injured and you find it difficult to get out and about, we can arrange meetings with your solicitor in the comfort of your own home.

In litigation deadlines are often tight; having a local office to pop into can prove invaluable. In other cases knowledge of local accident hot spots and locations can take cases in new and unexpected directions, increasing your chances of success.

Aston Knight Solicitors were recently awarded a Best in Bury Award; based not only on our extensive experience in all areas of personal injury law, but also on our excellent local reputation for being a firm that excelled in customer care and local knowledge.

recommended solicitor award by the best of bury


Whatever the circumstances leading to your injury, contact us for a free initial consultation and let us to tell you how we can make the difference.

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