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Change Solicitor


How can I change my solicitor?


For many reasons it sometimes becomes necessary to change solicitors.  There may have been a breakdown in communication, a loss of confidence, difficulties in reaching your solicitor, calls not being returned, fees not being explained properly, unreasonable charges and so forth.


Further, many law firms, particularly in the field of personal injury and industrial disease, have switched to having junior unqualified staff running cases instead of experienced qualified solicitors, in order to boost profits.  Clients who transfer to Aston Knight Solicitors often complain of how their previous firm only allocated them a junior paralegal, litigation executive or trainee solicitor when they wanted an experienced qualified solicitor.


It is always best to try discussing things with the law firm first to see if things can be worked out as there may have been a misunderstanding along the way.


However, if that doesn’t work, or if you still don’t feel comfortable, changing solicitors is easier than you think.


When a client switches to a different law firm the new law firm usually agrees to cover the original law firm’s costs, or right to costs, so ordinarily there is nothing for the client to pay.  The old law firm transfers the file to the new law firm and then things can carry on as they were.  If there is any dispute about fees to be paid then your new law firm can help resolve this, and if the fees are unfair you can report it to the Legal Ombudsman.


Aston Knight Solicitors receive many transferred files each year and have been delighted to turn many cases around in circumstances where people have been advised they do not have a case or prospects of success appear poor.  Recent examples include:


  1. An injured worker who was with the largest personal injury firm in the country.  Despite this he found his calls or emails were not being returned and he did not feel his solicitors fully understood his accident circumstances.  After transferring to Aston Knight Solicitors prospects of success appear strong and a settlement is being negotiated.


  1. A lady who was with a large personal injury chain who was incorrectly advised it was not possible to trace the Defendant.  Within weeks of the transfer Aston Knight Solicitors located the Defendant, obtained an admission of liability and now medical evidence is being obtained in order to reach a settlement.


  1. A young man injured in a road traffic accident had only days left to pursue his claim for his injuries after previous solicitors failed to make any progress over almost three years. Aston Knight Solicitors reviewed his claim, identified two Defendants and immediately issued against both Defendants. Both Defendants vehemently denied liability throughout. Aston Knight Solicitors negotiated a settlement within weeks of the final trial date.


  1. A young man injured in a gym when a cable snapped.  He was incorrectly advised he did not have a good case.  He transferred to Aston Knight Solicitors who secured an admission of liability and settlement is presently being negotiated.


  1. A large national law firm representing a driver was unable to obtain an admission of liability or a vehicle damage payment for a relatively straight forward claim. Within days of transferring the matter to Aston Knight Solicitors, the Defendant admitted liability followed by a payment for his vehicle damage. His personal injury claim and other heads of claims were settled shortly thereafter.


At Aston Knight Solicitors your case will always be dealt with by an experienced qualified solicitor with a proven case success record and we operate a strict client care policy to ensure calls, emails and letters are responded to promptly.


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