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Selecting the right lawyer at the start of a personal injury case is the single most important thing a client can do to influence the outcome of their case.

Complex and Serious Personal injury claims often involve large sums of money and can take many years to fully resolve.  It is therefore important that you have confidence in your solicitor and trust they have the knowledge and skill to get you full compensation.  The difference between a good solicitor and a bad solicitor can be the difference between winning or losing your case.  Or the difference between negotiating a great settlement or accepting unnecessary and costly compromises.

In personal injury cases, the Defendants are almost always represented by large insurance companies who have the budget to instruct specialist teams of experienced lawyers.  They work hard to reduce the amount of compensation you receive.  You require an experienced professional to fight and win on your behalf.

Aston Knight Solicitors have a history of succeeding where other law firms have failed and have a proven track record in winning compensation claims.

What should I look for when choosing a personal injury solicitor?


There are law firms that dabble in personal injury and then there are real specialists in their field, like Aston Knight Solicitors. Appointing a specialist lawyer will ensure your personal injury compensation claim is in safe hands – make sure you thoroughly research your preferred personal injury law firm before appointing them as your legal representative.

The way personal injury lawyers are paid has changed over recent years. The introduction of heavily reduced fixed fees for solicitors in recent years has led to many law firms closing disputed cases as they do not consider them financially viable to take to trial given the risk-reward ratio. Most law firms are now recruiting non-qualified, ‘cheaper’ staff and giving them large caseloads, resulting in a poor level of service and attention to detail, closing difficult disputed cases in favour of easy straight forward ‘less hassle’ matters.

Aston Knight Solicitors are different. Aston Knight Solicitors buck that trend and will take cases to trial, on a no win no fee basis. We also employ only experienced solicitors and ensure they have small caseloads so they can dedicate the necessary time to each client.  This produces better, and faster, results for our clients.  All our Solicitors have at least 10 years post-qualification experience. Make sure you ask questions about the qualifications and experience of the solicitor who will be handling your case.


In addition to ensuring you are represented by a qualified professional we advise you to ensure that the firm you instruct is registered as a firm of solicitors with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).  You can check a firm is registered with the SRA by looking out for the SRA badge, which all regulated solicitors are required to display.  You will find this at the bottom of our website


All law firms will claim they will do their best for you; but are their assertions true. Reading online reviews from previous clients or asking friends and family for recommendations will aid your research into choosing the right lawyer.

This is an effective way to learn about the legal process and the options that may work best for you. You can read Aston Knight’s testimonials here.

What are their payment terms?

Payment terms and conditions between law firms can often seem similar, but there can be small variations that make a big difference. It’s vital that you understand these and what you’re signing up to before you appoint your personal injury lawyer – otherwise you could find yourself out of pocket when another firm could have provided a better deal.

Aston Knight Solicitors deal with all personal injury and medical negligence claims on a No Win No Fee basis so there is no financial risk to you in making a claim. This gives you the peace of mind and security to claim compensation without the financial worry.

Our experienced solicitors offer a free confidential initial consultation. All our cases are dealt with by an experienced solicitor – never a junior employee.

Do they offer a face to face meeting?

Aston Knight Solicitors offer face-to-face meetings to clients and potential clients. This way you can ensure all your queries are resolved and you can proceed in confidence. Clients often want the opportunity to meet their solicitor and know from the outset who will be dealing with their claim. We offer a personal approach from the start to the conclusion of your case.

Aston Knight Solicitors are a specialist litigation firm based in Bury, Greater Manchester. We offer no win no fee agreements and are always happy to discuss a matter informally so that you can decide how best to proceed. Please feel free to contact us on 0800 999 6661 or

By Emma Pearce

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