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It can be a daunting time for anyone following an accident. Aston Knight solicitors exists to help those affected by injuries. Our specialist solicitors ensure we do our best to help whatever the enquiry, utilising our expertise and experience. All initial advices are free without obligation and is entirely confidential.

The initial contact is often from the injured person or a close family member. We offer a free consultation where the injured person and/or their families can speak openly and freely and ask lots of questions. We explain, in plain English, how we can help and what is involved in pursuing a claim.

All our solicitors are Senior Solicitors and have vast experience in dealing with straight forward to extremely complex personal injury and clinical negligence claims, giving you the assurances that your claim is in safe hands.

What is involved in making a claim?

There are three main elements to making a claim:

  1. Proving that another person was at least partly to blame for your injuries.
  2. Finding out what rehabilitation you require and are entitled to.
  3. Request that any expenses you may have incurred be reimbursed.

1. Responsibility/Blame

Having suffered an injury it is necessary to prove that the injury you have suffered has been caused or partly caused by another person’s action.

After taking initial instructions one of our Specialist Solicitors will draft a formal letter of claim setting out the details of the accident, the injuries sustained and why we think the defendant is at fault. It can sometimes be a battle to establish fault, but we have an excellent track record in this field.

2. Rehabilitation

Whilst the main purpose of pursuing a claim is to receive financial compensation for your losses, it can also provide other positive benefits in the form of Rehabilitation.

We aim to contact the relevant insurer involved in each claim at the earliest opportunity and seek their agreement to fund early rehabilitation and provide an initial interim payment to meet immediate financial and medical needs.

The Rehabilitation Code says that support should be provided to you and your family. This will usually be in the form of rehabilitation and treatment but can also include counselling or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or the appointment of a Case Manager, who can assess what support you need. In certain circumstances, third party insurance companies will provide support and rehabilitation even when liability is in dispute.

At Aston Knight solicitors, we will arrange for you to undergo medical examinations to determine the prognosis for your injuries. Any treatment needs and care requirements will also be identified during the examination. In our experience people recover quicker the earlier they are able to gain access to the recommended treatment.

3. Claiming Expenses

We often get asked by our client’s what other losses are they able to claim for as part of their claim. In addition to the compensation for the injury itself, you are entitled to claim expenses. These may include:

  • Past and future loss of earnings
  • Care and assistance expenses
  • Medical expenses
  • Equipment costs
  • Travel expenses

Our solicitors will investigate all potential expense claims, including not only past, but also future costs you will incur once the claim is settled.

How we are paid

We operate on a no win no fee basis which means we are not paid on cases we lose but are paid on successful cases. We advise each client fully on all terms and conditions at the initial meeting.

If you have suffered an injury and would like some advice, contact one of our Specialist Solicitors today on 0161 399 1231.

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