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Injury as a result of an accident can have a sudden and devastating impact on those involved, as well as their loved ones. For some it can result in months of recovery, time off work, and distress. For others, it can be a life changing experience causing permanent disabilities which require extensive medical care and cause future financial uncertainty.

Traditionally, if you needed help pursuing a personal injury claim you would have chosen a trusted local firm of solicitors to help; nowadays you are more likely to begin your search online.

In the digital world, money talks and often larger national or multi-national firms with a hefty advertising budget seem like the wise choice. However, a bigger firm is not always a better firm and more importantly; it does not make them the right solicitors for you.

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Contrary to what you may think, entrusting your case to a large firm does not always mean your case will be handled by an experienced solicitor. In larger firms cases are often in the hands of unqualified paralegals with limited experience, resulting in poor client care and impacting on the compensation amount achieved.

When choosing a firm of solicitors it is key that they understand your legal needs and have the necessary training to help you succeed. It is important to entrust your personal injury case to a solicitor with the necessary expertise, particularly if you are seriously injured and/or the issues involved in your case are complex.

At Aston Knight Solicitors we pride ourselves on our approachable style and provide an exceptional standard of care and technical expertise to all our clients, both national and local. We also ensure each case is handled by a qualified solicitor with a proven track record of success in their areas of specialism.

Our team of personal injury solicitors in Bury are experienced in all aspects of compensation claims, including serious injury matters and fatal accident claims.

We offer a free consultation to fully assess your case, whether you have been injured as a result of a road traffic accident, slip or work related accident, or as a result of negligent treatment. We also handle civil claims involving sexual or physical abuse and criminal injury compensation claims with compassion and sensitivity.

If you are local, there is the added benefit of a free confidential initial consultation to receive practical, trustworthy and transparent advice in the comfort of our offices.

If you opt to use our service following your face to face meeting with us, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your solicitor is on hand via telephone, email or you can drop in to our offices with any concerns or urgent matters.

Our personal injury solicitors have built a large network of medical and legal professionals, specialising in all types of injury compensation claims, both within Manchester and nationally to ensure your case is handled effectively and smoothly. We will hand select and liaise with the best experts required to make your case a success, whilst ensuring you are kept up to date, communicating with you in a style that is easy to digest and understand.

If you would like take advantage of our free initial consultation with a qualified and experienced solicitor, please contact our offices on 0161 399 1231.

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