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A frequently asked question is whether no win no fee agreements are available for work injury claims. The good news is that the answer is yes, they certainly are, provided prospects of success appear good enough (which is the case for all no-win no-fee agreements).

What this means is that people can pursue a personal injury claim following a work injury without financial risk to their own position. The way the no-win no-fee agreement operates is that if the case does not succeed then all of the solicitors’ fees are cancelled. If the case does succeed then the solicitors’ fees become payable but the law states that the losing opponent has to pay those costs so the bill is passed on to them, rather than the client.

As it is compulsory for employers to have insurance in place for work accidents, practically speaking it is those insurance companies that pay both the work injury compensation and also the legal fees.

no win no fee solicitor agreements

In return for offering a no win no fee agreement the solicitors will often charge what is known as a success fee. The success fee is capped at 25% of the compensation so the client can rest assured that, whatever the case, they will receive at least 75% of the compensation award, with nothing to pay if the case does not succeed.

The availability of no-win no fee agreements therefore means that injured workers have access to justice and can bring a claim for work injury compensation without having to risk their own personal financial position.

Aston Knight Solicitors specialise in work injury cases ranging from manual handling injuries, to slipping accidents, to injuries involving defective work equipment, to repetitive strain injuries, and many more. Perhaps take a look at our case successes page for examples of the type of cases we have succeeded with and also our injury at work guide.

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