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What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is an injury to the brain caused by a trauma to the head (head injury). There are many possible causes, including road traffic accidents, assaults, sports injuries, falls and accidents at home or at work.

Such injuries can disrupt normal brain function and have long-lasting effects.

Recognising a Traumatic Brain Injury

TBI can vary in severity from mild to severe. A severe TBI may result in extended periods of unconsciousness, loss of cognitive ability, or permanent memory loss. Most TBI, however, are less severe. A mild TBI is commonly called a concussion. TBI can be overlooked when evaluating personal injuries after an accident. Therefore, it is essential that people understand the signs of a TBI and risks of failing to diagnose a TBI.

Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury

A TBI can have long-term and short-term impacts including the following:

  • The ability to think and reason – This might manifest as feeling slow, having difficulty concentrating or remembering new information.
  • Memory Loss
  • Sight and balance
  • The ability to communicate, use facial expressions, and an understanding of language
  • Changes in emotions including expression, aggression. Anxiety, behavioural and personality changes and socially inappropriate behaviour

A TBI can also increase the risk for brain disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury

A brain injury can have a lasting impact on a person’s life. While it can be difficult to adapt to changes, with the right support, brain-injured people can live happy and fulfilled lives. Getting the right support at the outset is key.

At Aston Knight solicitors we work with you and your loved ones to ensure help and support is provided and can refer you to the relevant organisations to ensure the much-needed support and guidance is obtained.

How to prepare for bringing a claim for Traumatic Brain Injury

The full effects of a TBI may not be immediately apparent and symptoms may worsen over time. If you or a loved one have suffered a TBI then here are some things you should do to prepare for bringing a claim:

  • Record as much information as you can about the accident. Whether your TBI was the result of a serious Road Traffic Accident, a sports injury, a fall from height or an assault, everything you know about the accident is valuable. Witnesses will also be crucial if you have suffered memory loss, as they may be able to provide a more detailed account.
  • Document any instances of memory loss. If you have forgotten anything, or are having trouble remembering anything, keep a record of this or ask a family member or friend to do this for you.
  • Seek professional medical advice and follow the advice of the medical professional.
  • Contact a Specialist Brain Injury Solicitor. It is crucial that you instruct a specialist brain injury solicitor. Our specialist solicitors have years of experience in achieving strong results in complex brain injury claims. We understand the importance of getting the right treatment and rehabilitation in place as quickly as possible to ensure the best quality of life is achieved after suffering a brain injury.

If you or a loved one has suffered a TBI, you may have the right to pursue injury compensation. Contact our specialist brain injury solicitors on 0161 399 1231.


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