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The simple answer is yes.

When you go to a personal injury or medical negligence solicitor for help and advice, the last thing you expect is poor advice or bad service.

While most solicitors provide a good service and sound advice, there are some whose services fall short.

It is an established principle of English law that you can instruct whatever solicitor you choose. You can therefore change solicitor half-way through a case if you wish to do so.

If your current law firm is not giving you the service or support you need during your claim, you are entitled to change solicitor. There are many different reasons why you might want to change your solicitor and common complaints are:

10 reasons you may want to switch to a different law firm:

1. You have concerns about the lack of progress on your claim
2. Your solicitor is failing to keep you up to date on developments
3. Your solicitor is never available to speak on the telephone
4. Your solicitor has ignored or acted contrary to your instructions
5. Your solicitors has failed to grasp the severity of your injury/claim
6. Important deadlines have been missed
7. There is a lack of attention to detail
8. You are concerned you may not be getting the right expert advice
9. You feel as though you are being rushed into accepting an early offer to settle
10. You feel that your solicitors has been unresponsive, or has not given you quality advice

At Aston Knight Solicitors we are often asked to take over claims from other law firms. We have a firm reputation of succeeding where other law firms have failed. We are not afraid to commit to work on a difficult or challenging case and are regularly instructed to take on cases which have been rejected or failed by other lawyers.

Switching to Aston Knight Solicitors have in some cases made a life changing difference to our clients.

Aston Knight Case Study

Recently, we acted on behalf of the family of Mr M, who sadly died having been the victim of negligent medical treatment received at a hospital. The family of Mr M approached several other law firms and were turned away being told they were not prepared to take the case on a no-win-no-fee basis.

“I spoke to many law firms who said no way would they touch this claim, I was very happy when
Aston Knight Solicitors agreed to investigate the claim”.

They received a suggestion of speaking to Aston Knight Solicitors which they did and, following a preliminary review of the case on the evidence available, including a discussion with a senior
barrister, Aston Knight Solicitors arrived at the view that the case did have reasonable prospects and therefore accepted it on a no-win-no-fee basis.

Aston Knight commented,

“The case was challenging in many aspects, and at times hotly disputed by the defendant hospital. Ultimately they agreed to settle the case and the family were pleased with the settlement”.

At the end of the case the family expressed:

“We all consider it was a very lucky day when Aston Knight Solicitors agreed to represent us”

Aston Knight Solicitors have a reputation of being very thorough and achieving high levels of compensation.

Aston Knight Case Study

In another case Aston Knight Solicitors recovered £149.000 for a mother who suffered psychological injuries following the death of her baby daughter.

In this case, Ms H suffered psychological injuries as a result of the death of her baby daughter following medical negligence on the part of the defendant hospital.

Before speaking to Aston Knight Solicitors she and her husband had made enquiries with other law firms, who advised them that the settlement value would likely be very small, and that it would not be worth pursuing a claim. Despite receiving such advices they contacted us to seek a second opinion. We advised that whilst settlement values can sometimes be on the lower side in fatality matters, it was important to be
thorough and look at all the additional types of compensation that can be pursued, including any psychological injury claim.

After discussing the matter it appeared to be the case that the solicitor they had spoken to were inexperienced had not taken into account these additional types of compensation. At the end of the case Ms H commented:

“I cannot thank Aston Knight Solicitors enough for all they have done for myself, my family and my beautiful baby”.

These are just two examples of many where switching to Aston Knight Solicitors made the difference.

Simply put, Better Solicitors. Better Results.

How to Change Solicitors

If you are dissatisfied with your current solicitors and feel that the service you are receiving does not meet your needs, you may be able to switch to another law firm. You must however act quickly.

There are strict time limitation periods which apply to personal injury claims and you must act within a certain timeframe or risk not being allowed to make a claim.

The process of changing your solicitor is straightforward. We will send you a form of authority to allow your file to be transferred to us directly. Once you return the form of authority, we will take care of everything else. If you are unhappy, remember, you can change your solicitor, so contact us today for a free, confidential no obligation discussion about how we can help.

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