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Aston Knight Solicitors recognise having an accident can result in unexpected expenses that, in exceptional circumstances, can lead to short term financial difficulties.
These expenses can range from vehicle damage related payments, loss of income as a result of days off work, increased travelling expenses to and from work following a change of circumstances, additional travelling expenses of travelling to and from your GP and/or medical examinations and replacing damaged items or clothing to name but a few.

To assist with such expenses, Aston Knight Solicitors can offer up to £1000 cash advance, strictly subject to terms and conditions being met.

What is a Cash Advance Claim?

In short, a cash advance for compensation claims from Aston Knight Solicitors is an advance on your claim winnings which provided is in the likelihood that your claim will be successful. There are many criteria for a cash advance compensation claim to be met, however, to kick-start proceedings two key criteria must be met:

  • A strong likelihood that you’re compensation claim will be successful
  • Your compensation is likely to be worth over £1,500

Cash Advance Claim T&Cs

To qualify, the following criteria must be met:

  • Your personal injury claim has good prospects of success.
  • The insurers of the person/company responsible for the accident have been identified.
  • The insurers of the person/company responsible for the accident have admitted liability on behalf of their insured and confirmed they will not be disputing any personal injury claim presented.
  • Your claim is worth more than £1500.00. We will make an assessment based on the initial information you have supplied to us about your injury and upon review of medical evidence.

If the above criteria are met, Aston Knight Solicitors can offer a cash advance in two instalments as follows;

First instalment of £200.00 within 14 days of the following condition being met:

  • You attend a medical appointment arranged by Aston Knight Solicitors in preparation of a medical report in support of your personal injury claim.
  • You approve your medical report for us to disclose to the third party.
  • Our initial assessment of your medical report confirms your personal injury claim is worth more than £1500.00.

Second instalment of £800.00 within 14 days of the following condition being met:

  • We receive an initial settlement offer of £1500.00

Any cash advance paid will be deducted from any compensation we recover from the third party.

If you unfortunately suffer a serious injury, resulting in financial hardship, we will look at the possibility of obtaining interim payments from the responsible third party.

Types of Claims Eligible for Cash Advance

  • Small to large personal injury claims where the estimated compensation is likely to be over £1,500.00.

These focus on three areas:

Injury at work compensation claims

– Motor accident compensation claims

– Medical negligence compensation claims

  • Serious injury claims that will impact the quality of living as a result of the personal injury

Personal Injury Compensation Claim Amounts

Personal injury claims vary in compensation amount. Depending on the area injured and the severity to which the injury has impacted your daily life, your compensation amount will also vary. See the below table to better understand the type of compensation you are likely to receive from your personal injury claim:

Injury type Minor Moderate Moderately Severe Severe
Neck injury up to £6,920 up to £33,750 up to £114,810 up to £130,060
Back injury up to £10,970 up to £34,000 up to £77,540 up to £141,150
Foot injury up to £12,050 up to £21,910 up to £16,410 up to £96,150
Knee injury up to £12,050 up to £22,960 up to £38,120 up to £84,360
Leg injury up to £24,340 up to £34,370 up to £48,080 up to £119,210
Wrist injury up to £4,160 up to £21,480 up to £34,340 up to £52,490
Asbestosis up to £92,820 up to £92,820 up to £92,820 up to £92,820
Deafness / Tinnitus up to £11,040 up to £39,940 up to £96,150 up to £123,310
Brain Damage up to £37,760 up to £192,090 up to £247,280 up to £354,260
Paralysis (paraplegia) up to £249,270 see left see left see left
Paralysis (Tetraplegia /Quadriplegia) up to £354,260 see left see left see left

To make a claim or discuss the cash advance claim offer in more detail, please contact our offices on 0161 399 1231 or request a call back by completing this short form.

The Aston Knight Solicitors No Win No Fee Promise.

Aston Knight Solicitors deal with all medical negligence and dental negligence claims on a No Win No Fee basis so there is no financial risk to you in making a claim*. This gives you the peace of mind and security to claim clinical negligence compensation without the financial worry.

Our experienced solicitors offer a free confidential initial consultation. All our cases are dealt with by an experienced solicitor – never a junior employee – why settle for less?

Aston Knight Solicitors have an excellent reputation as one of the leading specialist legal firms in the North West – why not take a look through our successes and testimonials to see for yourself.

(*there is no financial risk to you if you meet your responsibilities which include: give instructions that allow us to do our work properly; not ask us to work in an improper or unreasonable way; not deliberately mislead us; not withhold information; co-operate with us; return to us promptly with instructions when requested; go to any medical or expert examination or court hearing)

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