Industrial Deafness

Workers are often injured over long periods of time through working with dangerous substances such as asbestos or through working in noisy environments, which result in permanent hearing damage...

Expert evidence can confirm the cause of the injuries and the extent of your symptoms. Often it is important to clarify the “date of knowledge” – at which point should you have been aware the negligence caused your injuries? The reason for this is you have only have 3 years from the date of knowledge to bring court proceedings so you must act quickly.

Industrial Disease and Hearing Loss Claims

A hearing test is needed before your claim can begin; the results of the hearing test can normally indicate whether the type of hearing loss you suffer is work related or age related. Often it can be a mixture of both. It is a common misunderstanding that work related hearing loss should come on quickly after working somewhere noisy – this is wrong – it normally only shows up years later, which is why many injured people at first think it is age related, or perhaps due to build up of ear wax.

If you worked in a noisy environment and notice any hearing loss then, irrespective of your age, you should have a hearing test as soon as possible. Aston Knight Solicitors Bury deal with many industrial deafness cases and will be happy to assist with a free no-obligation consultation on your hearing loss claim. Please contact us on 0161 447 9191 or request a Free Call Back to discuss further with one of our experienced hearing loss solicitors.

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